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Tired of your images looking distorted when you resize and crop? This tutorial will help you keep your images looking great when you resize them to 140 x 140 pixels (or your desired square size).

Choose your image which is not suare and which is larger than 140 x 140 px. Preview

Click “Image Resize” from the “Image” menu or push Shift + S. The resize menu will pop up. When i resize I always use “Smart Resize” as the “Resample” style. Make sure that is selected. This helps preserve the image quality. Additionally, you should select “Lock Aspect ratio and leave the number at what it is.

Now, what I would do is change the shorter side (in this case the Width) to 140px under “Pixel Dimensions.” Make sure Pixels and not Percent is selected in the drop menu. your longer side will automatically change to something more than 140 pixels. Preview

If you were to uncheck “Lock Aspect Ratio” and typed in 140 for both Height and Width your image would have a “squished” look to it. Preview

Next select the crop tool. Since the image is already 140 pixels wide, we need to make it square by cropping the height. With the crop tool, outline the whole image and then “grab” the crop outline with your mouse at the bottom middle node. Pull it up until you have selected an area 140 x 140px.

To see how big your selection is, look in your PSP task bar. It will say “Crop Tool: Click to drag…” Toward the right you will see several sets of numbers and coordinates.

If you have outlined a perfect 140 x 140 square you will see “(0,0) > (140,140)” which are the X and Y coordinates of the upper lefthand and lower righthand corner. Next you will see “= 140 x 140” which is the actual size of the selection outlined. Lastly, you will see “[1.000]” which is the aspect ratio IE 140 to 140 is a 1:1 ratio. Preview

Once your selection is square, double click on the image and it will crop to 140 x 140.

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