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King’s Corners is a quiet game which is slower and less competitive than others. In some groups, it tends to be popular with older card players.

Players: 2+
Decks: 1, no jokers
Objective: Play all your hands
Play: Each player is dealt 7 cards and the remaining cards and lay, in a pile, on the center of the table. From this pile, 4 cards are flipped over and laid to the North, South, East and West of the pile, framing it. This pile becomes the draw pile and the 4 cards become foundation piles.

The player to the left of the dealer begins and play continues in a clockwise direction. During a turn, a player can lay any of his cards on a foundation card provided the cards he lays is 1 value lower than the card on the table and of the alternate colour – a red 7 on a black 8, etc.

A player can also move any card (or foundation pile) to another card (or foundation pile) if the bottom card of the pile begin moved is one lower and of the Falternative colour as the top card onto which the pile is being moved.

A player can place and Kings from his hand into any corner space. If any of the cards on the foundation piles is a King, a player can move the card (or pile) to a corner space.

After making available moves,a player can place any of his cards on any foundation spaces which have become empty and he can play any of his other cards onto the foundation pile, if possible.

If a player can make no more moves, he draws 1 card from the draw pile and play moves to the next person.

If a player uses all his cards, he is the winner.

If the draw pile runs out, play continues without making any draw until someone wins.

Scoring: Although scoring is optional, you may choose to give the remaining cards in players’ hands these values after someone plays all of his cards:

  • King – 10 points
  • All others: 1 point


  • Aces – 25 points
  • Face cards – 10 points
  • Number cards – face value


  • Aces – 50 points
  • Face cards – 10 points
  • Number cards – (2 to 9) – 5 points


  • Draw at the beginning over turn rather than the end.
  • Draw two cards rather than 1.
  • Must play Kings at first available opportunity of face 3 point penalty (when scoring).
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