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Feb 09

Conspiracy Theories

Some say that President Bush is not stupid, he’s just not articulate and while I would argue with the former point, I certainly cannot argue with the latter. In fact, I think you’d be hard pressed to find even a die-hard Bush fan who couldn’t easily agree that the president does not have a smooth way with words.

With that said, should it matter? If a president, any president, were an inarticulate genius, would that lower them in the minds of the general public, or in my own? would we think higher or someone who was more articulate or relied heavily on the abilities of a team of speech writers, even if that person was an ignoramus?

Does articulation affect how well a politician does his jp? Does it matter if a speech is done well or is presentation only superficial and easily disregarded if the behind-the-scenes work is solid? Does the face the president shows to his country, and the world, matter as much as the work he does, even if that face seems to impede that work?

Still, even if articulation is less important than other aspects,wouldn’t it be in anyone’s best interest to improve upon it, if only to case being the butt of (inter)national jokes and the punch line of the day of sitcoms and talk shows galore?

Perhaps any attention given to the president, even attention garnered by his linguistic foibles, is good attention? Could it not all be a scheme to turn America’s – and the world’s – head while something much more sinister occurs?

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