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Nov 21

Congrats WordPress, Now Get to Work

I’m feeling a bit better today, good enough that I cracked a smile when I signed into my dashboard to see this from the WP Development blog: WordPress Wins CMS Award. Let me say I don’t want to fail to recognize the hard work that has gone into this script which makes my life easier and has always been free. Free is important and so is easy. WordPress is a wonderful blogging script, no doubt. But I think it might be a little premature to award its CMS abilities.

A while back I wrote a post entitled “WordPress Sucks as a CMS.” It’s a pretty popular post when it comes to spam; a good portion of spam comments are left there, probably because it used two very hot keywords: WordPress and CMS. If you missed it, let me sum it up: page management is awful. And it really is. If you’re using WordPress for more than a dozen pages, in addition to posts, you’ll probably agree with my complaints.

I haven’t gotten a lot of other feedback because I feel my demands are higher than your average blog owner. However, they’re probably pretty tame in comparison to others who are using WP as a content management system. I simply want to be able to edit my pages without such a headache. To their credit, many folks have stepped in to create plugins which do help with this but it’s still not perfect. Plus, I feel that most of these functionalities should already be built into WP if it wants to be a serious CMS contender.

With that said, here is what I want to see WP folks:

Currently, the pages are shown by order, if specified, with all private pages showing first. If no order is specified by the user, pages are ordered by ID (creation date). If there are child pages, they are shown after the parent page, before the next parent page which is shown by order/ID. I have 29 pages of.. pages and there is no way to adjust how many I see or how they are sorted, even though name and modification date are both shown. Furthermore, there is no easy way to view child or parent pages. To me, all of these things should already have been built in the system a long time ago. Right now, I use a plugin called pageMash which let’s me do something of these things but it’s not flush with WP’s dashboard or as complete as I want.
True AutoP Control
Again, I have to use a plugin to get rid of the paragraph tags that WP inserts, which break my code and make my site invalid. While WP Unformatted is a lifesaver, I don’t think I should have to install a plugin when a checkbox should suffice. This would aid in posts, too, but I mainly run into the AutoP issue when working with HTML code on pages.
Page Importing
I recently added yet another plugin which allows me to add batch pages (and it’s not the only plugin intended to convert a site to WP) after converting them to spreadsheet-like form. The plugin isn’t perfect and the process needs to be done carefully, especially when it comes to content containing HTML but it would be great if WordPress included a way for people to import content from their old sites, you know, instead of just copying and pasting.
Full Searchability
Quite simply put, the ability to search everything (not just posts), is a must. Pages are no less important.

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