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Nov 18

Cole the Handyman

Yesterday seemed like a good day. We headed to a shopping center and hit up Pier 1, Lowe’s, Linens and Things and Barnes and Noble. We finally purchased a mirror I had been wanting for the living room and happened to find a modular shelving set at linens and things which was on sale because they’re going out of business. We both added some books to our collections and we finally got brackets to help us hang our mantel shelf, which I did around 3:45 this morning. LOL It actually turned out really nice.

On the other hand, the modular shelving did not work nearly as well as I would have liked and I wound up putting a half dozen useless holes in the wall because the holes in the shelves are so small and particular. Even using the paper templates which came with it resulted in problems and I wound up wasting half of the anchors which came with. Not to mention that trying to get the shelves on the damn wall made a bunch of black marks (because the shelves are black). I finally “finished” even though the shelves are not flush to the wall, level with eachother and possible not even usable. I just decided to give up. Ugh.

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