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Jan 10

Cole Learns a Life Lesson

AKA We have an ice maker

Apparently, there is an ice maker in the freezer. In hindsight, that explains what the big boxy thing is. However, it had been turned off since we moved in and there was no tray beneath it so I never gave it much thought. Plus, I’ve never had an ice maker so how should I know?

Well, we must have bumped the lever which turns it on when we were putting away groceries because it started making ice. It wasn’t a big deal, we just tossed it in the sink. Except, today I opened the freezer and out fell a shitload of ice. So I scrambled to grab a cardboard box because it was the only thing I had and shoveled ice into it.

The box was nearly full by the time I finished and my hands were sore and cold. I dumped the ice outside and called the office who directed me how to turn this off. I know this is funny. I know it would have made for good TV. I also know it made for sore hands and it was ridiculously surreal.

Lastly, I know it will entertain you. So, there. Be entertained.

One comment on “Cole Learns a Life Lesson”

  1. Dez

    Too funny. How did you finally turn it off?

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