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Mar 17

Clutter-free for a happy me

The Big O -- Organized!

The Big O — Organized!

I recently decided that I needed to organize my makeup. It has all been sitting in the same plastic Tupperware container. It’s just too big and everything was messy, so I headed to the store to find some sort of tabletop storage. I wound up getting a simple 3-drawer organizer by Sterilite, and now most of my makeup fits into it.

I’ve moved that onto my bathroom counter from the closet where the Tupperware was. I then realized that the container that had formerly been holding my makeup. It’s just about perfect for holding my nail polish — at least, for now.

Why am I writing about this? It’s because I love when things are organized. It helps me sleep better. I am less anxious as a whole. Everything in life feels so much better after making little changes like these.

And it only cost a whole $5.

One comment on “Clutter-free for a happy me”

  1. I am the complete and total same way. Clutter tends to mouse its way into my head, so when I’m in a cluttered environment, or some of my stuff is cluttered it tends to overwhelm me a little. At the same time, after I’ve cleaned/organized stuff it makes me feel so much more energetic & my head is not quite as “full” anymore either- leaving me with more energy and inspiration to write and do other productive things.

    I like that little drawer that you got! I need something like that for my gazillion bottles of nail polish that are now sitting in a drawer, being all unorganized and messy. ;-)

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