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Dec 04

City sidewalks, Busy sidewalks

So November was going strong and then it fizzled out. I wouldn’t have made Kurt Cobain proud, huh?

I’ve been busy busy with the Christmas season. It was the middle of November and I had plenty of the and the-next-thing-I-know it’s December and everything is sold out and I don’t have any time at all!
I had wanted a real tree but they sold out quickly here because of limited supply. I had been trying to get ahold of the people but they were Denver around when I had time, although they hounded everyone else. I thought they’d have some left because no one I knew was buying but they didn’t. Furthermore, because of the time spent trying to buy a real tree, almost all of the artificial ones sold out here so I couldn’t even have a tree I didn’t want.

At first, I was pretty devastated but then it dawned on me that I cannot possibly have a perfect Christmas here away from all those I love and I should just be grateful for what I do have: Rian and, soon, a miniature artificial tree (thanks to Target).
Artificial Christmas Tree

But, let me tell you, the lack of shopping options here is especially frustrating now. I am not one of those people who likes to shop for Christmas months early. I love Christmas but I don’t want to be tired of it by December 25!

Bernard from the Rescuers

Apparently, though, everyone else does want to shop early which means that, by December 3, everything worth buying was sold out. All we have managed is our stockings and the holders which are sitting on the book case. There’s no tree lights or tree stands to be found on base so I guess it’s better that I bought a prelit fake tree.
Scooby doo Ornament
There’s also a lack of ornaments (except for bulbs. of which there are millions!) so I’ve been trying to purchase things online but because so many places do not ship out here, I’ve been resorting to Ebay. OF course, Ebay isn’t a guarantee and a few things I really wanted have been stolen right out from under me. -pouts-

This Christmas, we’re going to have to be a little creative (though not this creative) and perhaps settle for a little less than I’d prefer. It is, honestly, a bit disheartening because I want it to be super-duper special so Rian will come to like the holiday and also because we weren’t able to celebrate it last, it’s our first real Christmas together.

Still, that is the key word: together; and that is really what I love most about this holiday, the togetherness. This year may not be great but next year certainly can be.

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