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Dec 20

Change of Heart

I’ve begun to make a few phone calls regarding moving and apartments. Our plan is for the end of next month. We’ll have most of our stuff moved and drive to Milwaukee with the cats. Simultaneously, I have become so frustrated with this apartment. It’s the one I wanted but I’m done with it. We’ll likely have much less time to apartment hunt (because we will probably be in a hotel) but I hope to be a more discerning “shopper” when we do. There are just some things I am no longer willing to put up with or do without.

No more shallow sink.
Our dishes pile up incredibly fast, my back hurts and I have trouble washing some dishes because we have midget sinks. I didn’t notice at first. I will in the future.
Carpet Bars.
All our carpets simply just end with no bars to attach them to the floor. This makes it easy for them to fall apart and our cats sometimes paw at the floors if the doors are closed. The carpets are pretty much falling apart because of this.
Bedroom Lights
There is no lighting fixture in our bedroom. I know. Ridiculous. Even with all the lamps on, it’s still dark.
A working oven.
Maintenance thinks my oven works fine but everything I’ve ever burned begs to differ. Everything remains cold on the top and middle while the bottom is burned black. No thank you.
No Fireplace.
Don’t ask me why nearly every apartment we looked at in San Antonio had a fireplace. We’ve never used ours and I don’t know who would, unless it’s to hide the evidence . It’s Texas! We have a wall that looks okay with a shelf and some decoration but it’s mostly a waste of space that limits how we can arrange our furniture.
A higher tub.
Again, with the ridiculously sized water related things. Our tub is so low that water always spills over the side because the faucet is so high above it. And our shower curtain looks stupid.

Ryan says we can’t be picky but, to be honest, I’ve never experienced most of these problems in any of the other apartments I’ve lived in. It just seems like some ridiculous oversight by the construction/management companies. Carpet falling apart? No problem! Just distract yourself with the fireplace! Maybe I was distracted when we were looking. Not this time.

One comment on “Change of Heart”

  1. So he’s leaving the Service? Congrats I suppose if that’s what you both really want to do. Is there family where yall moving?

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