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Nov 28

They’re here

Business cards, that is. I’m pretty impressed with the quality. Thanks to TinyPrints for the opportunity. No thanks for their weird shipping.


Brand new business cards -- in purple

Brand new business cards — in purple


Now, you can totally stalk me on Twitter or Facebook. ;)

Oct 06

My Month Without TV

Actually, it was more like a month and a half and it wasn’t by my choice. It was interesting, nonetheless.

My TV broke. And it sucked. I was watching it and accidentally turned it off. It didn’t turn off the right way. It wouldn’t turn back on. I had to ind a way to get it out of here and then buy a new one. In the mean time, I learned some things.

  • TV really is a good way to veg out sometimes. It’s distracting.
  • It also provides background noise in the middle of the night that helps a person to feel less isolated.
  • But sometimes the stuff that’s on really isn’t any better than watching nothing at all.
  • Streaming Netflix is a God send. I watched a ton of it–mostly Family Guy–but my computer just isn’t very high quality.
  • I can’t do anything on the computer if I am also watching a show or movie on it.
  • A TV can serve as a central decorating point that pulls a room together. Without it, everything looks bare.
  • Daily/weekly shows are fun to watch. They’re reassuring.
  • Season premieres are exciting.
  • I go a little stir crazy after not having a TV.
  • Yet, having a TV isn’t a make it or break it deal, really. I am excited to have one again but I more used to not having one than I realized. I use it a lot less now.
  • TV can make me restless in an anxious way.

Jul 12


It’s been very rainy this last day for which I am grateful. Both the temperature and humidity has dropped considerably making my apartment much more comfortable. Soon, I will not be quite so favoured when it comes to weather. Every time I am hot here I think “How the hell am I going to handle Texas?”

We leave in less than a month now, and plans are certainly well underway. I’m starting to stress about packing and moving and sleeping on the floor and flying and everything else, especially since this is my first time.

Anyway, the second edition of Weekly WrapUp will be posted shortly, check it out!

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