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Jan 20

Every Other Year

2015 will be awesome if for no other reason than odd years seem to be awesome.

2011 was the year I traveled to cons and concerts and reconnected with many friends.

2013 had all this potential and I was more confident than I had been in quite some time.

2015 has already had many good times with friends, drinks, cat cuddles and tons of dancing around my living room to awesome music.

Here’s looking to the rest of the year!

Nov 05

Handling the Work Load and the School Fill

Every senior high school has a top tier group of students. These will be the schools “best and brightest.” These pupils and premier athletics fill all the pupil leadership positions that were schools and curricular settings that were further overlap their many hobbies. Not merely are they expected to get ” As ” in most of the programs, but teachers and parents view perfect results being a conclusion. Continue reading

Dec 24

Merry Christmas

I have a busy two days ahead of me. I had a busy weekend. I don’t have time to tell you all how much I love you.

So here’s a present.

Goliath Under the Tree!

Merry Christmas.

Nov 28

They’re here

Business cards, that is. I’m pretty impressed with the quality. Thanks to TinyPrints for the opportunity. No thanks for their weird shipping.


Brand new business cards -- in purple

Brand new business cards — in purple


Now, you can totally stalk me on Twitter or Facebook. ;)

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