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Oct 09

Help me choose a business card

I’ve been sincerely entertaining the idea of business cards for some time. They’re especially useful if I go to any blogger conventions in the future, which I’d like to do. An upcoming blogging up will provide me with the funds to purchase some business cards, but I’m not sure about design. I know that I don’t want anything black on white, so all my choices are pretty colorful. I’ve been eyeing up a lot of designs that are sleek and modern, and I wouldn’t want mine to be forgettable.

The information that I’d ideally want to include is as follows:

  • Cole
  • 111.123.4567
  • Personal Blog:
  • twitter: anaesthetic
  • Review blog:
  • Twitter: reviewsbycole
  • Facebook: reviewsbycole

So, I’ve more or less settled on four options from TinyPrints, and I’d like your opinions please!

Modern Interior

Modern Interior


Modern Interior is unique because it’s square. It’s also available on purple, but I think I’d go with black. The back is blank.

Stylish Loop

Stylish Loop

This one’s a standard rectangle. It’s minimal, feminine and colorful. The back features inverted colors with additional information.

Stylish Sign

Stylish Sign

I think that vertical business cards are pretty awesome; although Stylish Sign is the least colorful of the bunch. I think the design makes up for it.


Fun Flourish

Fun Flourish

The last option of the bunch comes in both teal and purple, which I like. The back is solid colored with additional information, and it’s a standard rectangle.

So which business card design do you like best for me?

Jul 05

Things I Like and Others I Don’t

I am enjoying the new WordPress dashboard. It’s sleeker, prettier. It seems to load faster and the updated admin bar is much more useful.

I am not enjoying the heat. It’s not even that hot here but my room is the warmest in the house. I wake up sweating and, if I want to do anything more than sit on the couch (and even just to do that, really) I have to turn on the air conditioning. We have a single “window” unit built into the wall. Unfortunately, the roommate doesn’t ever get hot so she’s always turning it off, not understanding the concept is not just to cool you off when you’re in a room but to reduce the overall temperature over time.

I enjoyed a very busy Thursday through Saturday with friends and family and now I’m enjoying having time to myself. As I’ve caught up with most of the television shows that I watch and there aren’t any new movies for me to procure, I have more time for putzing online, entering giveaways, reading and playing games on my devices. It’s much more relaxed.

I seriously dislike stupid article rewrite requests. Lately, I feel as though people who have never used the Internet or a computer before are editing my tech beta articles. If we have to assume that the reader has a basic grasp of the subject, I would think we can assume the same of the editors but, nope. I am constantly explaining things that they should know before they even accept an article to review. It seems like they expect it to be easy but they’re wasting my time and theirs.

I am super excited over my recent giveaways at Reviews by Cole. My giveaway for the Medium Next Door was moderately successful, compared to previous giveaways but my Bath and Body Works giveaway hasn’t even been up a day and I have almost three dozen entries. It’s fantastic. I recently won a giveaway myself so that’s also exciting.

I’m frustrated at Goliath for constantly scratching at carpet next to my bedroom door. I don’t know why he does it but I do know that sprays don’t help. I have covered the area with paper and duct tape — duct tape — but he still tries to get at it. It’s stupidly frustrating and I hate being angry with him. Perhaps it’s time to try Soft Paws again..

And to end this on a positive note, I’ve had very good luck shopping for new clothes and finding clothes that fit. I feel pretty confident in that area and with my weight loss, even though I haven’t been pursuing it that actively. It’s reassuring either way.

Apr 15

Do you know what I did today?

First, I lied to you. I’m writing this on Thursday to be posted on Friday because I don’t like to post more than once per day.

Here I was all excited to post my Got Done list and I sign in to blog about and I realize that I’ve already blogged. So, number one, I blogged. I wrote articles. I did laundry. I ran the dishwasher. I watched a movie. I charged and synced the iPod. I made food (mashed potatoes!). I took a walk. I came home and I dusted, cleaned the TV and laptop, put dishes away, cleaned the microwave and stove top and vacuumed the couch. Then I blogged again.

Oh, I also made a noose.

Jun 05

Small Victories

May didn’t go out with a bang, big or otherwise. It did end on a high note if only because I have been working on being more grateful for what I do have. I hit up the mall on Saturday and got a new pair of jeans, a new game for my DS (Galactrix) and a bunch of soap from Bath and Body Works. Rather than being stressful, the trip to the mall was quite enjoyable despite the influx of shoppers for Memorial Day sales. To add to that, I walked into a dressing room with 2 sizes of jeans and only had to try on the smaller one.

May was my first full month working for Demand Studios and I got a good feel for it. I’ve definitely improved and have a better feel for the site.

I got a lovely birthday call, shortly after midnight, from Dez and Ryan and I hit up iHop in the wee morning hours of my birthday. My Facebook was full of well wishes and I got cards in the mail, unexpectedly. I honestly don’t even expect cards anymore so it’s always nice!

I feel like May was a perfect example of lowing your standards a bit and being pleasantly surprised by the world. In fact, it was the best month this year.

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