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May 31

Accepted.. Conditionally?

I got an acceptance letter, of sorts, from MATC today. It seems I am accepted for the funeral service program (although I don’t know how much I really want to do that so yea..) but with conditions. What the conditions are, I do not know. The letter assures me that many conditionally accepted students progress normally through out there program and I shouldn’t worry. Wait, what?! That means that some students don’t? Because that worries me. I wasn’t worried before but now I am.

I also worry about working with program and financial counselors. The FAFSA thinks we can contribute $7,000 which is much more than the courses will cost (thus no financial aid). I think not. So how many classes I take will really depend on the cost. And, of course, I still have to take the classes online and cannot possibly meet with a counselor face to face. I’m just super anxious that the school won’t work with me on these things and I should have just continued taking individual classes online like I have been doing, especially because one of the more important reasons I applied for the program at this time was to get financial aid. Bleh.

The future, it worries me.

May 22

Finished, Take Two

So I thought my classes were all done on the 9th, sent in both my finals.. Lo and behold, I sign in to my e-mail to see if the last of myg rades were posted and I see we have a final exam in sociology. Good thing I hadn’t sent back my books to the rental service yet. Bad news it they have to be mailed by the 15th and the 25h just so happens to be a holiday. Here’s hoping I can catch the UPS man today or tomorrow.

May 09

Dude, you’re a moron.

Allow me to express here my lack of appreciation for one of my teachers who gave us an example of what our final project should be without expressly stating what the assignment was. Thanks for being such a wonderful teacher.

I’m glad the semester is done.

Mar 20

What has 4 limbs and a whole lot of crazy?

My sister. She’s clingy and exhausting but I love her. I can’t leave the house or even stay up without her throwing a fit and it certainly takes its toll. Add into all the licking and boob grabbing attempts and she can be a handful.

I have been having a pretty laid back time without making any stressful or pressing plans. Just seeing some people here, doing lunch there and we went out for bowling last night as well.

Unfortunately, I haven’t kept track of the dates very well and I will need to do something awesome to make up for this in my classes. At least, I hope I can.

Jan 28

Hitting’ the Books

Sunday marks the first day of this semester for me. My second as a (part time) college student. I passed both Accounting and Psychology with As (96% for both). This time around is Sociology and Economics – both of which I have at least a little interest in so I hope it will be a decent semester.

Rather than buying my books ($150 total for both of them, used) I stumbled across a service which allows you to rent your books for the semester at a fraction of the price – Chegg. Very neat.

Other than that, life is quiet,

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