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Jul 08

Breaking Out Of My Comfort Zone

Last night (well, technically the night before by now), Ryan and I went to a WNBA (that’s women’s basketball for you!) game. It’s really not something we would have done had the opportunity not arisen (I got the tickets for free from a review network!) but I am glad we did. I have had a history of not trying new things because I get so nervous over being in unknown situations and not having control. I have been working through that, however, and try to remind myself that while the initial moments may be uncomfortable, that usually fades pretty quickly.

For instance, I didn’t know the layout of the venue but Ryan did and I was over my initial unease in 5 minutes (if it even took that long!). I thought about skipping out on the autograph session for that same reason but wound up going, anyway, and now my sister will have her very own Silver Stars t-shirt with an autograph! In the end, the perceived discomfort was far greater than the actual discomfort but I could have let that perception prevent me from doing something new. In hindsight, that’s a bad habit to develop.

Jun 05

Small Victories

May didn’t go out with a bang, big or otherwise. It did end on a high note if only because I have been working on being more grateful for what I do have. I hit up the mall on Saturday and got a new pair of jeans, a new game for my DS (Galactrix) and a bunch of soap from Bath and Body Works. Rather than being stressful, the trip to the mall was quite enjoyable despite the influx of shoppers for Memorial Day sales. To add to that, I walked into a dressing room with 2 sizes of jeans and only had to try on the smaller one.

May was my first full month working for Demand Studios and I got a good feel for it. I’ve definitely improved and have a better feel for the site.

I got a lovely birthday call, shortly after midnight, from Dez and Ryan and I hit up iHop in the wee morning hours of my birthday. My Facebook was full of well wishes and I got cards in the mail, unexpectedly. I honestly don’t even expect cards anymore so it’s always nice!

I feel like May was a perfect example of lowing your standards a bit and being pleasantly surprised by the world. In fact, it was the best month this year.

Dec 03

In Which Cole Talks About Ryan

Monday, Ryan went in to the dentist and, by the time he left, had an appointment for Tuesday to have his wisdom teeth pulled. Talk about short notice but it was the only open slot if Ryan wanted to have it done before leaving the Air Force. I wasn’t super excited about driving back or waiting while he was in oral surgery but I did and survived the drive with no major mishaps. While waiting, I dived into another book and finished 150 pages. A good chunk, if I do say so myself.

After returning home, Ryan was plenty silly and using his gauze-stuffed mouth to say ridiculous things to make me laugh. He napped during the afternoon and goes back to work on Saturday. He keeps saying things like “There’s just so much room in my mouth now; I feel like I can take on the world.” I don’t understand but be careful, mmkay?

Anyway, I think I had more to say but I guess not. Tune in next time!

Nov 27

Give Me a Break

As I sit here, eating warmed up apple pie (store bought and new ice cream but still good), I am quite warm. I just showered, put on pants and did dishes before the pie so you can see why. If I were not, I would grab a blanket while typing on the comp or lying on the couch and my chills would be over. Not so, says Ryan, the boy who registered for a free Snuggie some time ago. I guess it has been not 6 to 8 weeks yet so he spends all his time bothering me about how difficult life is without his Snuggie. Yea, right. Give me a break. Blankets do not need manuals and your hoodie is on the bedroom floor where it lives all “winter” long, thank-you-very-much.

I am against the very idea of the Snuggie because it’s ridiculously unnecessary and, even if you somehow couldn’t function without a blanket with sleeves, it’s essentially a backwards robe so walk to your bathroom, grab a robe and put it on backwards. Tada! It’s amazing, I know. So I am rather ashamed that my own husband has betrayed me, forsaken me for a Snuggie. I’ll have my revenge. I will!

Nov 05

Call it what you will..

Intuition, nosy-ness, being observant or just a creative thinker but I don’t like to ask too many questions. I like to know how stuff works and, so, I just figure it out. I look for resources, if they exist, or I just sort of fudge my way through a learning process. There’s a lot of trial and error and sometimes it just isn’t pretty but, at the end of the day, when I’ve done it by myself I feel such a sense of accomplishment!

Overall, I’m pretty independent in this way and I am so used to just figuring stuff out that I am somewhat taken aback when people need things explained to them. Ryan is like that. He asks questions and he needs to be told things in a very straight-forward and detailed manner, sometimes. It can try my patience and, maybe it shouldn’t, but it’s so easy to forget that others work in a different way than I do. Why is that?

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