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Aug 03

No Bugs Here

A month or so (or more) ago, I decided I needed new bedding. I’d had mine for almost three years and had decorated my room around it. While I had loved it muchly, it was dry-clean only and has seen better days. I decided to switch from red to a purple theme and began browsing the Internet. This involved sending tons of links to Thas for her input and we both enjoyed a set I’d found from JcPenney. It was reasonably priced but, the indecisive shopper that I am, I wasn’t sure I was going to buy it after all.

The very next night, I got their newsletter in my inbox and it was all “OMG Cole, crazy sales! Check it out!” And I did because who can ignore that?! The sales were indeed crazy. Reduced prices meant I could buy the comforter set, a pillow and sheets (black satin!) and get free shipping for just about $100. So I did.

After some mix-up where my stuff shipped to the store instead of to home (why would I use that free shipping coupon then?), I was soon requesting the help of my sister to make my new bed. It’s a pretty sweet set-up and feels fairly luxurious. Satin sheets definitely kept me cooler during our recent heat wave (and remind me to keep my nails and skin soft LOL). The cats like the new comforter better than my old one. I just need to have the old stuff dry cleaned so I can tuck it away in a box.

New bedding

Oddly enough, the roommate thinks my bedding matches my (red) lampshades better than the old stuff. I quite like it either way.

Apr 15

Do you know what I did today?

First, I lied to you. I’m writing this on Thursday to be posted on Friday because I don’t like to post more than once per day.

Here I was all excited to post my Got Done list and I sign in to blog about and I realize that I’ve already blogged. So, number one, I blogged. I wrote articles. I did laundry. I ran the dishwasher. I watched a movie. I charged and synced the iPod. I made food (mashed potatoes!). I took a walk. I came home and I dusted, cleaned the TV and laptop, put dishes away, cleaned the microwave and stove top and vacuumed the couch. Then I blogged again.

Oh, I also made a noose.

Apr 12

Lazy Day

I intended for today to be a lazy, do-nothin’ type of day. Yet, somehow, I feel accomplished. The plan was to stay in my pajamas for the few hours I’d be awake, do a little writing, catch a snack and go back to bed. While I still plan to hit the hay sooner than later (let me fill you in on a secret: it was already dark when I woke up today!), I feel as though I’ve already finished so much.

As I type this, I am winding down and watching a movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas (I’ve finally opened my collector’s edition–it’s only been over a year!). I wrote, rooted my phone, edited some final settings after my second Windows reinstall, put away laundry, showered and shaved and even cleaned the toilet. Combined with the cleaning I did this morning, I am some sort of awesome get-er-done robot. With boobs.

Perhaps I feel accomplished because I set out to do nothing and did anything at all. Regardless, it feels good and anxiety is low.

Jan 18

Turn the Page

In the book that is Cole’s life, this chapter would start with something stereotypical such as “I never expected to return home and part of me dreaded it, as much as the rest of me was looking forward to it.” I would continue on with words about how things were not how they were when I left them (true), how I needed to cut ties with some of the people and things that used to be part of my life (also true) and how, despite all this, things would turn out even more amazingly that I could ever imagine (the truest).

I think what surprises me most about returning home is not the reconnections I looked forward to but the new connections I am constantly fostering. I have become good friends with complete strangers and better friends with mere acquaintances. The area itself and the individual people in it are continuing to surprise me. I never realized my home town, my home state was so full of versatility, options and adventure.

If you hadn’t noticed, the holidays were a little difficult and moving was stressful. I wasn’t able to be as positive as I’d have liked and that in itself was bringing me down a bit. I have been so positive these last few weeks, however. I’ve been dealing with, if not managing to overcome my anxieties and, at the end of the day, I am most surprised–yet pleased–with myself. As confident as I might sometimes appear, I guess I never knew I had it in me.

I am so fucking glad to be exactly where I am.

Dec 28

Quirks Mode

Having successfully spent more than one night in the new apartment—a good three weeks after I signed the lease—I am now operating in what I call “quirks mode.” That is, I am learning the quirks of the new place. For example, the mailbox door requires you to push down to open it and you may have to push the dishwasher door slightly to the right in order to shut it properly. The ceiling light in my bedroom makes a slight buzzing noise, sometimes, and the switch operates it from high-medium and then to low. I wish I could say the water heater issues were only due to a quirk but that is not the issue and it required a plumber (albeit, a fairly good looking one) to fix it. Four days without hot water may not sound that extreme but I can tell you that it felt awful and there was nothing more amazing than taking a hot shower this morning. I will have to remember to be grateful for that.

It is that very same gratefulness that will pull me through when I’ve had a bad day, when I’ve dropped furniture on my fingers or toes, when the DirecTV technician incorrectly informs me of policies and fails to install the damned thing after I have waited all day, when the cats have kept me up at night and I have been unable to fall asleep despite a very important meeting in the morning. When the Internet is shoddy and I have had one too many quirks for my liking, I will remember to be grateful. Hopefully, I will not wind up hating my home as I have previous abodes.

Because, hey, nothing can really be that bad as long as you have a hot shower—and your own bathroom to shower in, even if the cats keep forcing the door open because it does not close all the way. d=

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