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Jul 20


If you’re my Facebook friend, then you’ll have noticed I’ve been posting a lot about GISHWHES. What is it, exactly? The Greast Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, spearheaded by Misha Collins of Supernatural fame.

It’s been going a few years now, and I know of a few people who have done it. It’s a crazy hard scavenger hunt requiring you to make and do things and get photographic or video evidence. See below;

It’ll last the first week of August, and I hope it’ll get me some new friends and out into the world. Winners get to meet Misha at some remote location — Costa Rica this year.

However, that’s not what I am most looking forward to. I’ve joined with an old online buddy and her husband, in addition to another friend in Minnesota. The rest of our team will likely be filled in by random folks the world over, which could be pretty cool. I can still send invites if you want to join my team because they’ve extended registration for a day.

Or you can sign up here and join my team by entering my email (ladycrow@gmail) when prompted.

I’m pretty excited for doing something new and can’t wait to see what’s on the list.

Nov 09

Pick Me!

There’s a really cool contest going on over at An Island Review and you can win a gift basket containing the new (and yummy looking!) check mix bars! Of course, there’s also a few other nifty items which go along with the turtle (flavour) theme like chocolate candles. Yum!

Jun 18

A couple cool contests

Check out some of these opportunities to win stuff!

You can win a bag full of apparel from Market Leverage as well as a USB pen, Ipod Nano, $200 debit card and a flip camera from

MyLoonyVerse is offering a $20 gift card to or a subscription to

And, although I can’t use either prize, you might submit your best video game memory to win Xbox or Wii points!

For those who prefer the DS, you can win the system and crosswords game from An Ordinary Life.

Also, you can win cash and EntreCards from

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