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Mar 09

How to Fix Infinitely Loading Videos When Streaming from Plex to the Wii U

Plex fan here. I enjoy this program and have used it for years. I typically stream to my PS3, but an issue with transcoding prevents me from enjoying one of my favorite channels on the system. No problem, I can just use my Wii U, right?

I’d never connected to Plex from my Wii U before. You need to log in from the browser and not the app. Again, no problem. All my channels and media were listed.

But anytime I tried to load a video, I’d just see the orange spinning disc forever. It never stopped.

This seems to be an issue that started after a specific update last year. It has to do with the amount of memory required by Plex, which may sometimes be too much for the Wii U.

But it’s not actually loading forever. In fact, your streaming video isn’t loading at all. Plex doesn’t autoload, and you need to touch the loading disc on the screen to kickstart the video.

That’s all.

Awesome, right?

Aug 28

The In Crowd

I feel pretty euphoric right now. I feel so connected. Part of something bigger than myself. Like I’m helping to make something happen.

And while it may seem silly, there’s a very specific reason I feel this way. Tonight, I contributed to two crowdfunding campaigns. One for hilarious, nerd comedian Joseph Scrimshaw and one for rock band Adelitas Way’s new album.

Sure, there’s perks to these things, including some immediate song downloads, emails with folks whose work I admire and other prizes I didn’t opt for. It also feels pretty damn good to help ensure that the things I love will continue to be made. And if I can help in any way, it’s like the girl without an artistic bone in her body is a catalyst, as the very least. I will be able to continue to enjoying these things because I wanted it that much.

But there’s something even better. Can you believe that? It’s this feeling of connectedness. Of knowing that I’ve joined thousands of other people in pledging money, not to mention the people actually making these things. We want a thing. We are brought together by our love of it. The world isn’t so cold, lonely or harsh.

I wonder if heaven feels a little bit like that?

Aug 15

I suppose I ought to write something since it’s been almost a month since my last post, and what a month it’s been!

The first week of August included my cousin’s birthday, my aunt’s wedding, the annual fair in town and GISHWHES, which was exhausting yet exhilarating. It gave me anxiety, but also a reason to talk to everyone I knew. It tested my creativity, introduced me to people and reconnected me with old friends. While I woke up anxious on some days, I went to bed feeling accomplished.

We won’t have the results for a while yet, and while I don’t know that we will win, I feel happy with that our team was able to do and what I was able to do specifically! I’ve signed up for the coffee table book review team, so I get a peek at what some of the other teams have done, which has mostly be reassuring!

My sister, cousins and a lot of children I know participated and had fun. My sister in particular enjoy spending time with me “doing cool things.” I think I need to spend more quality time with her.

My aunt’s wedding was hectic but fun, and I had an overnight guest that weekend. There was a lot of scrambling as I finished up GISHWHES. Luck would have is that my main client took off this week, so I’ve been working on catching up with blogging.

However, I’ve also caught some sort of a virus, which resulted in a cold. It’s not unusual because stress makes my immune system tank. I caught it early enough to take some supplements, so it’s not as bad as it would be otherwise.

It hasn’t stopped me from enjoying what was turned out to be a silly and alcohol-induced game night with friends, and I’ve got the bruises and stomachache to prove it. In true Cole fashion, I tried to walk it off for five miles exactly, and now my knee is throbbing and not entirely happy with me.

I’ll spend the rest of the night relaxing with my kitties and playing video games, in which I’ve been making quite the progress during my week off! It’s already 5 in the morning. I don’t know where the time went!

Jul 20


If you’re my Facebook friend, then you’ll have noticed I’ve been posting a lot about GISHWHES. What is it, exactly? The Greast Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, spearheaded by Misha Collins of Supernatural fame.

It’s been going a few years now, and I know of a few people who have done it. It’s a crazy hard scavenger hunt requiring you to make and do things and get photographic or video evidence. See below;

It’ll last the first week of August, and I hope it’ll get me some new friends and out into the world. Winners get to meet Misha at some remote location — Costa Rica this year.

However, that’s not what I am most looking forward to. I’ve joined with an old online buddy and her husband, in addition to another friend in Minnesota. The rest of our team will likely be filled in by random folks the world over, which could be pretty cool. I can still send invites if you want to join my team because they’ve extended registration for a day.

Or you can sign up here and join my team by entering my email (ladycrow@gmail) when prompted.

I’m pretty excited for doing something new and can’t wait to see what’s on the list.

Jul 10

I’ve Been Sucked Into Reddit

Perhaps somewhat ironically, I decided to give Reddit a go this last morning. It had been in the news recently because the powers that be fired a fan-favorite moderator for seemingly no reason at all. Some mods had let their subreddits go dark in response. A petition demanding that the CEO step down garnered thousands of signatures. Pretty serious stuff.

But it was enough to get me thinking about Reddit again. Sure, I’ve viewed a few threads and forums in the past. I think I have an account, but I’m not sure what it is or when I last logged in, let alone if I’ve ever posted. I’m not subscribed to any subreddits. I do know that there are many and some of them are pretty fuckin’ weird, even to a weirdo like me.

I wound up searching for some of the best subreddits, and I wasn’t disappointed. There’s an entire subreddit for grilled cheese sandwiches, you guy. And NoNoNoYES has some of the most almost-terrible-but-everything-turns-out-in-the-end GIFs that you could possibly imagine.

But my favorite subreddits must be Today I Learned, which is pretty self-explanatory, and Explain Like i’m Five, where you can ask just about any question and have it explained in simple terms. The former has all sorts of links to interesting articles, Wiki pages and studies. I’ve learned about people who are rocket scientists, weird laws, sperm counts, birth control, the origin of the PR department and so many more things. I browsed this subreddit for hours before I gave up.

I also found the social skills forum incredibly helpful — more so than I expected, in fact. I think I was surprised in general by how helpful people can be, even on the Internet. Perhaps it’s because it’s the Internet that this becomes possible. There’s a sort of honor among thieves mentality that binds people together.

Like I said, there are plenty of weird subreddits, and many that bordered on illegal if they weren’t absolutely sleazy. But within this giant beast are organs, perhaps vital, that keep it running. And within those organs, I found myself feeling connected, profound, assured, amused, inspired, hungry and welcome. Perhaps a beast as strange as this is a beast I must take the time to tame?

What about you? Do you reddit? What are your favorite subreddits?

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