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Apr 02

My Heart Wants

I have long been a fan of Lennon Murphy, a chick rocker who, yes, is named after that Lennon. She had a solo career, and I discovered her on MTV Rock (remember when that was a thing?!) in high school. I bought her first album and a few later, but she never achieved that same success.

I would eventually go on to start a Lennon fanlisting, which I deleted when I removed the rest of my fanlistings shortly before I switched Web hosts. But her career didn’t keep up. I was sad because I like chicks who rock. It’s also the same reason that I had a Pat Benatar fanlisting — and tattoo!

I had created a Google alert to be updated whenever Lennon popped up because I needed to update my fanlisting, and I must have forgotten to delete it when I deleted my fanlisting. You can imagine my surprise today when I signed in to my email to see that alert, which I had completely forgotten.

But it was awesome!

Lennon is back with a new band and this is their first single and I love it!

So I’ll post about it so you can love it, too!

Feb 20

I am in love.

I mean, I guess I kinda am, but this isn’t about that.

This post is about my new phone, the HTC Desire. Or Desiree as Facebook calls it because I can’t type “desire” without it tagging her.

I ordered the phone on Thursday morning and it showed up on Friday, Valentine’s Day. What a very sweet gift. I was worried that I wouldn’t love it because the specs aren’t necessarily amazing. They’re not even on par with the Galaxy S III, which V Mo also sells. But at $160, this phone was affordable and an upgrade.

And even if the numbers didn’t seem that impressive, the performance really is nicer. It’s not laggy. Multitasking works better. Many apps that didn’t work well on my One V do now, and it’s compatible with more apps. The smoothness is just so refreshing. NFC, the font-facing cam and dual front speakers are also awesome.

I actually wasn’t super impressed with the app drawer/launcher. HTC has focused on other things, so I went back to Smart Launcher. I just discovered it, and it is smart. It’s intuitive. I love it.

I’ve just completed a workaround to use Android emoticons, which HTC doesn’t seem to like. In the process, I discovered that I’ll get the update for KitKat, which is awesome!

I wish I could take a picture, but the only camera I have is my phone.

Which I will love forever and ever and you can’t stop me so nyeh.


Aug 17

5 Reasons Why Bartenders Hate Me

  1. I’m the chick who brings her phone in and shows them all the drinks I want that are more complicated than they should be. Hey, get some glasses, people! Anyway, Baileys Chocolate Covered Cherry is a delicious shot.
  2. But if I didn’t do that, I’d never know what I want. Seriously.  I don’t know the names of alcohols, and I usually describe what I want by color or a single ingredient. Good luck with that, buddy. That’s why I don’t make my own drinks. Well, that and the fact that I am terrible at making stuff that won’t kill me.
  3. I suck down my drinks too fast. Seriously. Sloooqqqqppp. And gone.
  4. I play all those typical bar songs on the jukebox. Man, I just wanna sing along to some classic rock. Why is that so bad, huh?
  5. I’m a bad tipper. I don’t know why. I just feel like bartenders don’t deserve the tip. This is awful, I know. maybe

PS. I may be a little drunk right now.


Bitch, please. This is my jam.

May 12

Ode to Carrie Underwood

I love Carrie Underwood

She makes me feel so good

She’s been through hell it’s understood

I’d treat her like the world should


She’s like an angel sent from above

I’ll shower her with unending love

and when we fight we’ll quickly make up

because I know she’s been through enough


I’ll always be faithful and sweet

even massage her aching feet,

she would make my life complete

and my heart skip a beat


I don’t care about money or fame

she’d be my eternal flame

no one’s ever made me feel the same


She’s talented and gorgeous too

that’s nothing she can’t do

I wouldn’t ever be untrue

Carrie Underwood is better than you