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Nov 24

Card Shark

If you spend any time at my mom’s house, you will quickly see that we play a lot of cards. There is one game that we play in particular but it’s too fast for Samantha so I decided to teach her some more age-appropriate card games. Yes, I totally logged onto my own site to remember the rules. How awesome is that?

Now, some of you may say that poker and black jack are not age appropriate and while I would generally agree, let me argue that she pretty much kicked my butt the whole time.

Her favourite now is Egyptian Rat Killer, a game I learned and played on break when working at Wal-mart.

Wendy and I shal be headed over there tomorrow to celebrate Thanksgiving. I hope that whatever you’re doing, you all enjoy tomorrow too.

One comment on “Card Shark”

  1. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

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