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Aug 27

Can You Get a Drink Around Here?

I have a problem. I have come to enjoy a glass of ice water at night, as I’m trying to fall asleep. The other night, I poured myself a glass. I set it on the nightstand. I lay down.

Goliath stuck his paw in it.

I dumped out the contents and got myself some more ice water. Then, I noticed the glass was obviously not rinsed well enough. It was all sudsy. I emptied and rinsed that glass.

I poured a third glass. Would this time be the charm? It was, finally. By then, I wasn’t quite so thirsty. Obviously, it’s harder to get a drink in this place than you’d think.

One comment on “Can You Get a Drink Around Here?”

  1. I have that same issue some nights…

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