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Dec 13

Button Rotation Clean up

I’ve taken down some of the button rotations here: Tres Chic and ResplendenceX and Hikari Exchange. All appear to be broken (though somewhat functional). If this is a temporary error, feel free to contact me and I will put the code back up!

Also, my rotations page probably has the most validation errors than any other page on the site. This is an oversight on my part and I am looking to correct this, but it is also due to the fact that rotation owners rely on invalid code for I-frames. While I know that some of this code may be automatically generated, it would be nice for owners to clean it up so I don’t have to. You’re spreading internet filth.

I’ve also cleaned up the webrings page. I’ve taken down the following webrigs: Darkness Within, Anathema, Beautiful Darkness, Sleepless, and High Society.

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