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Sep 01

But not too much fun..

Life sent me a message toward the end of last week about how I can’t enjoy myself too much or even just a little and BAM! Life bitch smacked me with a cold I am on day 4 of 5 of and still not over. I’m better but man, days 2 and 3 were hell. At least my head is clearer and, yay, I can sort of taste and smell stuff now, but I’m ready to be over this.

On the good news front, we bought a pair of book shelves from Office Depot yesterday and they will be delivered tomorrow so all of our books and DVDs will have a home. Yay! Now to make Ryan buy me these book ends! Well, a girl can dream, can’t she? ;)

4 comments on “But not too much fun..”

  1. Aw hope you feel better soon

  2. A cold in August/September?! Yuck. Those are the worst. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. @Jenn: I know. It blows.

  4. Aww poor you, colds are horrible. Maybe he might buy the bookends as a get well soon present :)

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