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Apr 29


hearing: sinch
feeling: broken
wanting: rian

I feel just kind of bummed. I don’t know why. I’m not really depressed or anything, I’m just not my usual self. Oh well.

I n the last two days I had 4 tests and I’m prewtty confident about 3 of them. I’m not sure about my Chemistry test, thought. -frowns* We’ll see. At least we’re done with that crap, now.
I’m playing wheel of fortune on msn with Ashe. It’s a pretty cool game. They have a couple new ones. I never udnerstood why people clap while the wheel is spinning. Ashe says they’re cheering it on. I still don’t understand.

My computer has been being a bitch. I deleted tons of temp files and uninstalled programs I don’t use but it’s still freezing a ton. I’ve defragged and run both Norton and Adaware; I just have no clue what’s wrong. It’s becoming extremely annoying.

There’s no Friday Five for this month and that sucks.

Mom has to bring in my ap for Family Dollar. I need a seocnd job, like now. Tutoring ends on the 20th. Yea.


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