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Jun 01

Bugs Bugs Bugs

…is a name of a book Samantha likes and she says the name in a totally cute way. It’s also the name of the problem I’ve been lately. The house is full of bugs, no doubt due to the hot weather but I wish they’re stay outside. I was at Target today and invested in some raid which Ryan’s cousin so graciously picked out because, honestly, who knew they make so much bug spray?! I hope it takes care of the ant-like bugs, the slug-like bugs, the small hornet/mosquito-like bugs (alternatively, they could be giant mosquito/hornet-like bugs LOL), the spiders (not insects but still) and the bees – especially the ants that keep going in the kitty food. Arg! I’ve seen 4 different kinds of bugs in the last 4 days.

2 comments on “Bugs Bugs Bugs”

  1. How many Ants do you see?
    How many pillbugs do you see under the rock?
    How many bees do you see?

    I think that is how that book goes, or something along those lines. We did a bug unit for my kids at work last week, and we read that book to them. Ahah

  2. Oh man I hate bugs. :(

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