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Jul 08

Breaking Out Of My Comfort Zone

Last night (well, technically the night before by now), Ryan and I went to a WNBA (that’s women’s basketball for you!) game. It’s really not something we would have done had the opportunity not arisen (I got the tickets for free from a review network!) but I am glad we did. I have had a history of not trying new things because I get so nervous over being in unknown situations and not having control. I have been working through that, however, and try to remind myself that while the initial moments may be uncomfortable, that usually fades pretty quickly.

For instance, I didn’t know the layout of the venue but Ryan did and I was over my initial unease in 5 minutes (if it even took that long!). I thought about skipping out on the autograph session for that same reason but wound up going, anyway, and now my sister will have her very own Silver Stars t-shirt with an autograph! In the end, the perceived discomfort was far greater than the actual discomfort but I could have let that perception prevent me from doing something new. In hindsight, that’s a bad habit to develop.

3 comments on “Breaking Out Of My Comfort Zone”

  1. I’m totally like that too. I tend to not do things (like watching a basketball) game that I’ve never tried.

    Not because I don’t like unfamiliar places though, because I love adventuring and such.. But just because I always feel like I don’t enjoy myself, even though I’ve never done whatever it is .

  2. Well done on trying or going somewhere new, I am like that too

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