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Sep 18

Blogging Bad

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When I read quotations like this, I find it interesting for a couple of reasons.

People Pay too Much Attention to Reputation

It’s funny when you consider how involved I am with social media, both personally and professionally. I realize that branding is important, and isn’t that sort of the point of what I am doing on Reviews by Cole? On the other hand, who really sits around to hear when a company has done something terrible? Unless it’s an issue like that of Chic-Fil-A, I usually don’t even hear about it. I’m always surprised by the tiny things that others have heard about when I have no clue.

Bloggers Have to Find the Balance Between Money and Morals

When it comes down to it, many people support their family by blogging. So banners and paid posts and advertisements might not be as much of an option as we’d like to think. Because this is a hobby, I can make a choice to post infographics for money or to sell banners or even to work with companies who others won’t. For example, I still use GoDaddy, even after a number of consumers have made a point to spend their money elsewhere after a slew of sexist ads, elephant killing and support of SOPA. I don’t personally agree with any of those things, but I’ve had to make a choice between convenience (and, okay, laziness) and personal beliefs. Maybe some people don’t have the luxury of turning down an opportunity.

Of course, there’s more to it than that. I like to give people second chances. Why wouldn’t I do the same for companies, which are, ultimately, run by people who are not infallible?

Bloggers Have a Responsibility to Speak Up

However, I am not one to shy away from writing about a negative experience, and especially on Reviews by Cole. I like to think that readers find me trustworthy because of this fact. I won’t sugarcoat anything. I feel as though it’s my job to let readers, consumers and people like me know about my experiences, so they don’t have to go through the same. I’ve said it time and time again, but someone who refuses to write about a negative experience is doing a disservice to his or her readers. In my book, it’s practically lying, and your blog has zero value.  Seriously.

I understand why you might not want to give traffic to a company that you don’t support, so don’t link them! Even worse, if you go about writing something negative but refuse to name names, you’re only forcing readers to try to figure it out on their own. As a blogger, you have power. If a company has a bad reputation and you don’t want to support them, it’s part of your duty to let people know. After all, what do you have to lose?

I suppose what this comes down to is I’m not afraid to give second chances or write about negative experiences, but I completely understand when other bloggers simply don’t want to work for or patronize companies with bad raps. Those companies certainly have a negative reputation for a reason, and in the day of social media and the Internet, there’s no good reason not to fix that.


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