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Jan 18

Blogging and Photography, Not Mutually Inclusive

I am reading random blogs, linked on EntreCard (also debating still being a member as I get few drops and rarely find any blogs worth reading. The widget is just taking up room on Reviews by Cole), when I stumbled across a post which said this:

Every good blogger carries a camera with them at all times

It wasn’t the point of the post, even. The blogger had broken her camera while in her purse and was looking for some advice but that’s what my mind honed in because all I could think was: Huh? Because you have to be ready to snap a picture when something happens in a moment’s notice? Wait, isn’t that what a photographer does? So now all bloggers have to be photogs, too?

I don’t buy it. Remember how blogging, a form of journaling, started out on manually coded webpage which didn’t look too snazzy? Me, too! And you know what blogging was all about? Text, like the very stuff I am writing now (or, that you are reading right now. Hurry up, by the way, you’re slowing my typing speed ;)).

Of course, many bloggers post photos, they are helpful or just pretty sometimes. The photos are more important for some than others; there are even things such as photoblogs which focus only on photography. I have often thought I should post more but if I don’t, my blog isn’t losing anything. My voice shines through quite well with just text, thank you very much.

Photography is really the new web design. Everyone and there dog has a camera, which probably explains all the dog pictures. d= People are studying photography and making money from it the way they used to study HTML and graphic making. The general standard for photography has risen, just the way the standard for web design rose over the past decade. What was considered acceptable in previous years is now laughable, in both fields.

As standards have risen, tools which help us to meet or exceed them have popped up as well. Even uncustomized WordPress themes are heads and shoulders above the sites I used to see in 1999 and even my several-year-old digital camera produces pictures far superior to any of those I can recall in the family photo album. And I’m neither as educated or motivated about photography as some. DSLR cameras are no longer only in the hands of the pros which is sort of a double edged sword but my point remains the same: photography is everywhere. And it’s totally cool if it’s not my thing and dabbling in more than one art has its advantages, too.

But just because it’s everywhere doesn’t mean someone should expect it. Just because we all could run out and buy fancy cameras with fancy lenses and do fancy bokeh shots, doesn’t mean we have to. And just because we blog, doesn’t mean we have to include photos. All we “have” to do is type and the result is a blog.

So what do I say in response to this (besides everything I’ve already said?)

Every good blogger carries a good head on their shoulders at all times

And you can quote me on that!

7 comments on “Blogging and Photography, Not Mutually Inclusive”

  1. Dez

    I know that when you first told me about this quote that I was like WTF?! Because the two did not go hand in hand. I miss the good old days.

  2. I think that nowadays most people who read blogs have such a limited attention span that if they don’t see a photo they just close the page. I personally look for content and if someone can write something that can keep my attention for more than 2 minutes, then I won’t close the page.

  3. I quite agree with you on the entirety of this. I own a DSLR camera and have an avid interest in photography but if I had to carry my DSLR everywhere I went, I think I would cry. For me I have to be in the mindset to take that picture, I have to be inspired, I can’t just click and say awesome I took my picture, lol. That’s probably why I have such a difficult time with the 365 days project, because I want my photography to mean something, just like I want my writing to mean something, but that doesn’t mean they’re mutually inclusive.

  4. Thanks for this post. I agree with you, although I should not – why? (Glad you asked) – I’m a commercial photographer and I blog about my work and yes my blog includes photographs. but wait! before you throw out this post with the bath water – most of my blog entries don’t have pictures, because I focus on how to use technology in my blog.

    Blog are meant to be read – not watched. It’s not TV. (I hear you on the short attention span thought) When a photo or a diagram helps the reader understand what you’re saying, great – use it. But don’t use photos as fluff. If you’re post can’t communicate without images, maybe you should stop blogging (and start telling your stories in photographs :)

    … catching the light!

    Photography by Depuhl

  5. I appreciate your comment! And do agree, if written word is difficult for a blogger then maybe blogging is just not the right hobby.

  6. Then I suspect those folks should not be reading blogs (or anything of length at all), honestly.

  7. I take exception to that statement and I’m quite addicted to my camera! I’m sorry, but you’re absolutely right: blogging and photography are most definitely not mutually inclusive activities. To me there’s a very big line between the two.

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