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Nov 11


blogging at school.. 800 x 600 isbad enough but some of these machines are set even lower – omg!

i need to do something about this layout on 800 x 600.. full screen should work but it doesn’t seem to -blinks*

i’m trying to look up information on music censorship for my persuasive research paper and my partner isn’t helping. so yea we know we are against it but we need one specific aspect.. and so far i’m not finding and real facts or stats just a bunch of nonmaterial crap and silly rants. =\ i can’t seem to find anything on whether or not music censorship would effective – but i do know why the “explicit content” labels aren’t efficient. Yea there’s no way an 8 page paper will come out of -that-! i thin i’ll take a trip down the library

i really wish the school has broadband, like EVERY OTHER school -lmfao*these computers are crazy. of course, we won’t get anything new because this is the last year in this building and next year everything will be all new. -growls*

so lemme give you a heads up on what’s going on

the weather keeps jumping around and i have not been feeling my best as of late.. It’s nothing big.. Quarter’s up and we’ll be getting report cards. I know I have an A in Advanced Comp, French, Small Animals and Pets, and Brit Lit.. I have a B in chem and probably a C in Calc, hopefully nothing less. I have no idea what I have in Econ but I don’t realy care.. tomorrow we have an assembly, during the 3rd block and Mr Frischer is pissed I’m missing his class but we never learn anything anyway and he’s such a bad teacher. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about and he’s wrong so often, it’s hilarious. But Mrs Powell said this presentation will be more important than anything I’ll learn in there – and I believe her.

I’m sitll jobless – Shopko all rejected me and that was crap, but I hear Trigg’s wants top open before the Christmas rush so I think I’ll go there. I need to have Tim get me an application.
I’ve finally sent off one college application and I need to write one essay and finish another one. The one I haven’t written is optional but I feel that i should.

Samantha is doing well. She’s pretty cute but going through teething and it sucks. She loves the dogs, but don’t we all?

I haven’t been getting enough sleep as of late. Last night I got like 6.5 hours and I was so much more tired than when I get 2 hours. It’s weird.

Hmm now I’m rambling.. I need to go set up Keiko’s ftp account..


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