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Aug 15

Because not everyone sucks

I’ve stumbled across a few links lately that make me happy–not in a “This is so cute way” but in the “hey, maybe the world isn’t so shitty after all” way.

In this post, Michael Ian Black discusses a picture he ran across online in which two hefty girls are having a blast in their bras. Kudos to him for being a sincere human being. Kudos to them for being awesome.

A commenter on a ridiculous meme that supposedly insults liberals (I say “supposedly” because it’s done really badly) has this to say:

You know how I know you’re a conservative?

-Your writing is clunky and you confuse wordy sentences with sounding smart
-You capitalized about seven things that didn’t need to be
-You misspelled “liberal” and “Rachel” (that’s how she spells it) in the last bullet -You think the kids these days have “top friends” on Facebook.

A post on sluthaditcoming shows why the Old Spice guy advertising scheme is completely misogynistic as a humorous conversation between the Old Spice guy, feminist Hulk and Judith Butler.

And this image is made of win.

Ladies Liberty and Justice kissing

One comment on “Because not everyone sucks”

  1. Hehe, that image is indeed made of win! I’ve had a pretty gnarly week and that actually made me smile :D

    I can’t remember where I found your blog, but it got added to my favourites about a week ago and I’ve been catching up on lots and lots (and lots) of posts ever since!

    Would you be interested in swapping blogroll links with me? :) I’ve just started up my own personal blog (link above in my name I think) and I’m looking for people to swap links with :)

    Have a good day
    LB :) x

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