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Sep 08

Babies, babies everywhere

Well, here’s the disclaimer: If you’re my friend but you somehow fall into this category, consider yourself the exception (mostly). And I know babies aren’t necessarily the devil, either. I know that they can be a wonderful addition to your family if you’re not Cole.

So, it seems like everyone on Earth has just had a baby or is going to somewhere in the vicinity of the next 9 months. And I know that, ultimately, it’s none of my damned business but, realistically, there has been such a boom that I cannot ignore it. It seems like the pregnant ladies at Lavish number in the double digits and every other day there’s a new thread about it.. There’s an extraordinarily large percentage of people there making room for +1 and it reminds me a lot of how things were when we were at Misawa and I was the only one who had no kids or wasn’t pregnant.

Of course, when you’re not pregnant and have no plans to (ever) be and don’t quite see how it could ever be desirable, it’s hard to not notice it. I know that and I try to take it into consideration but, easier said than done y’know. And I may just be a little reluctant to see all my friendships change because of the new responsibilities parenting adds. I’m a little selfish, yea.

It’s not like it’s entirely unexpected. Many of these twenty-somethings are perfect baby making age and all settled down with their prospective baby daddies. A few of them are even trying (and some even having difficulties doing so, and I do feel for them) but the vast majority simply weren’t not trying hard enough, IMO.

The fact is, that sex resulting in pregnancy is not a surprise. It’s kind of how the world always works and if that’s not the outcome you desire, you’d better do something about it before you look like a god damned roly poly. I can’t help you (well, I could give you a run down of birth control options, eh?) with that. If you’re having sex and not doing anything to prevent pregnancy, then you are trying to have a kid. I mean, that is the definition of “trying to conceive”. Circumstances do not matter. You are not the exception.

However, I’d like to say that all the miraculous “I got knocked up at 17 and life is awesome now!!!111!!” accounts are the exception. Reality check! Things can certainly look up. I’d like to think things will look up as the economy slowly recovers but they can also look down. Far far down. And it’s more likely that will happen than some sudden lightning strike of good luck. It’s just how the world works. It’s hard enough without a baby in the mix.

So if you find yourself staring at a stick full of piss that confirms your worst fears, it’s time to make a mature decision. And having that baby no matter the cost just because you might “like” to have it? Is not mature. Neither is hoping everything looks up. You have to be extremely proactive. You have to make it work. Frankly, unless you think you’re going to burn in hell for having an abortion, I suggest you get scraped before you get emotionally attached to that shit.

My methods may be crude and my opinion may not be popular one but, for fuck’s sake, someone has to tell the world to open its fucking eyes. And the women of the world to close their fucking legs, already.

5 comments on “Babies, babies everywhere”

  1. Agree with the birth control, if you don’t use it then why do people get surprise they are pregnant.. sigh!

    Personally I don’t believe you burn in hell for having abortion, I am pro-choice but end of the day it is the choice of the person eh?

  2. @Damita: I don’t even believe in hell but it’s the only ‘excuse’ I see as acceptible when people who absolutely should not be having babies.. do.

  3. *applauds* i agree with this blog.. and i totally know how it feels to be the only one without baby plans.. ugh.. going to facebook i see like.. 90% of my classmates talk about having babies, already had a baby, counting down to baby, going to hospital for baby, etc…

  4. Dez

    Cole is awesomesauce who writes an awesomesauce-EE-ER blog that I agree with.

    Really the posts that are all” omg i just found out I r preggors, we just had sex X times” make me wonder where the birth control was. Sad really.

  5. I absolutely agree with you. I have nothing to add, except my kudos for an awesomely thought out and worded post.

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