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Dec 02

Another World

Airports are like different universes. It’s as though someone grabbed a part of some parallel universe which is similar but not-quite-the-same and dropped it into the middle of our universe. Voila! An airport! Although airports are always under construction, it seems, I don’t believe they were ever constructed in the first place.

Time seems to be simultaneously faster and slower. It takes so long when waiting to board yet, 2 short hours later you’re someplace else. There’s a physical disconnect with the place you were before. this always feels so strange to me.

In airport and on airplanes we cater to the every whim of a person just because he or she wears a uniform. In the rest of this world, the uniform means nothing and is nothing more than a sign of an insignificant job.

You could live and work in an airport, if you never got caught. You could avoid people easily enough. Airports have every amenity to take care of you. Except there’s one small catch: airports experience a special sort of inflation. I always found prices in airports to be ridiculous, especially when you could drive 5 blocks and buy the same thing for a fraction of the price. But when you can limit what enters your institution, you control the prices.

I do not necessarily looking forward to stepping into one of these randomly placed glimpses into another universe in just two short days but I suppose I will live as long as I don’t have to stay there.

2 comments on “Another World”

  1. I try not to purchase anything when I’m at the airports if I can help it. Because they are ripping you off.

    Then again, I hate it that I normally have to pay 700+ bucks for a ticket to go state side and yet I still have to pay for a snack/meal when I’m in flight. Its crazy!

  2. Dez

    When I flew to D.I.A. (Denver) it was on Christmas Eve, and they were having canceled flights left and right due to the weather. I saw tons of people who had been there three or four days camping out and sleeping.

    While I enjoyed it, I too wouldn’t want to stay there.

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