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Nov 20

Another Pinterest Fail

Listen, I’m no better homemaker or whatever it is, but I am starting to think that all those pins are fake. How do people make these amazing recipes and use miracle cleaning tricks and get them to work? Because, for the most part, I cannot. I’ve made a few recipes that were a little disappointing, but this last Pinterest-inspired activity I attempted was the miracle pan cleaning posted on One Good Thing. It seemed easy enough. Peroxide and baking soda aren’t hat hard to find, and my pans could use a little TLC. I was soon making a paste and putting it all over my cookie sheets. I forgot about ’em and assumed I would come back to some clean pans, but they looked exactly the same an hour+ later.

I decided it was all me, so I slathered on some more ingredients and let them sit even longer. I came back and nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Now, my peroxide might’ve been less than potent, so it’s not like I was necessarily misled, but I’m starting to think that Pinterest is full of more misses than hits. Tricksy internet.

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