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Jun 06

And now with a cough..

Well, since I was at the hospital yesterday for my infection, I was able to talk to the doctor about my cold. He took a swab to check for strep which neither of us thinks it is; my immune system was probably just already weakened and with some emotional turmoil thrown in, illness was just waiting to happen.

The good news is that the Mucinex seems to make breathing easier (though it originally made me nauseous), as long as I blow my nose 100 times an hour and the throat lozenges have eliminated my throat pain completely, for now. I’ve developed a yucky little cough that I’m sure will renew the pain in my throat eventually.

On top of that, I developed a pretty bad fever and headache yesterday. I was trying, mostly unsuccessfully, to sleep but kept waking covered in sweat. Of course, removing clothing or covers resulted in me freezing. I seemed to find a happy medium in just my underoos, under a blanket, with 1 leg sticking out. Any movement only increased the headache which was far worse than any I’d ever had before. The fever finally seemed to break after several miserable hours and a Tylenol and my headache was gone after finally getting rest.

Today isn’t quite as bad, except for the cough, and I do seem to be warming up a bit so I’m off to pop another pill at the time I post this. I’m starting to feel like an addict with all this medecine. Ugh.

One comment on “And now with a cough..”

  1. Ahhh no! Feel better soon. Being sick and needing to take medicine for it does make you feel like an addict – or it does me and I’m happy to find someone else who is the same, though I’m sorry you’re having to feel the same. Wewt for complete neuroticness!
    Yes though, feel better – and being friends sounds like a good idea to me =)

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