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Sep 10

Allergies and Facebook

Don’t worry folks, I’m not allergic to Facebook. In fat, up until now, I’ve never had any allergies whatsoever (besides, maybe Bandaid adhesive) so when I started getting really itchy in my hands and feet and tongue! and swelling and brekaing out in hives and turning red, I didn’t know exactly what was happening or what to do. When the hives started, we headed toward the ER on base but, of course, having some sort of reaction wasn’t enough, no. They had to be doing 100% ID check at the gate and the guy had to be paying enough attention to see that my ID had expired in February so he confiscated.

Good thing you don’t need to show your ID at the hospital, right? Oh, wait! You do! So after we got there and waited, I filled out a bunch of paperwork including an extra paper because I didn’t have a military ID and I went through 4 or 5 other IDs in my purse before finding the one that wasn’t expired. Wouldn’t you know that they’d call me before I was even done with said paperwork. Ugh.

So initially, I talk to someone who gives me some Bendaryl but, by that time, everything was already dying down. They make me wait to see the actual physician and I do, after more than an hour. I was fine and just ready to get checked out by then so she listened to a couple deep breaths and I was out of there. They didn’t even send me home with more Benadryl. As you can see, it was quite the waste of time but now I know should something like this happen in the future.

I mentioned Facebook, right? Well, while I was waiting for the physician, the tech/nurse struck up a conversation with some little girl’s mom because they were both from the same city in Washington. They began talking about some guy they both apparently know (in typical it’s-a-small-world-afterall fashion). Of course, the woman told the tech to look up said mutual acquaintance on Facebook.

This struck me as amusing for two reasons. 1) There’s this automatic assumption that everoyne has Facebook, now. Just a few years ago, no one was on Facebook. Myspace was all the rage. 2) I can almost guarantee I would never run into anyone from my hometown or even relatively close. There’s definitely a tendency for folks from home to go Army or National Guard if they enlist because there’s no Marine, Navy or AF base anywhere in the state. Which kind of makes me sad. I want an it’s-a-small-world-afterall moment. Please?

Anyway, I’m all better now so you can go back to your previously scheduled lives.

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