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Feb 22

All about voting!

New poll. Tell us about your criminal past or lack there-of.

I also updated the navigation to use acces keys and will be adding an article about HTML access keys soon. I’m constantly looking for ways to improve the accessibility of Her Realm and I hope this is a useful tool for people. Hovering over the links will show you the access key shortcut.

To access they, press Alt+ the access key in IE, Alt, Shift+ the access key in Mozilla/Firefox, Ctrl + the access key on a Mac, Or Shift, Escape + the access key in Opera.

I’ve added a legend page and here is also a legend to the access keys.

Destination Text Link Access Key
Cam Pictures Current Cam Image 1
Blog/Home Blog 2
Blog Archives Archives 3
About Me Girl 4
Content Content 5
About the Site Site 6
Links Links 7
Search the site Search 8
E-Mail Me 9

I must also report, with some that distress it appears my vote for the primaries will not be counted. )= I realized, too late, that I would not be able to send my ballot back in time for it to be counted. Furthermore, I’m pretty sure I didn’t even receive it in time to do so.

But, to add insult to injury, I found out there there was an online vote for the Democratic party through Democrats Abroad that I probably would have been able to take advantage of as it is made specifically for American citizens outside the country, like myself.

Had I realized this organization exist before January 31, I would have said “count me in.” Unfortunately, I didn’t hear anything like that nor did I see anything until after the fact. I would have been a nice thing for base officials to let us know about (I only registered for my absentee ballot after receiving a mass e-mail about sites that help with that.)

Pah! I sent my ballot off anyway. At least my state served me well and voted for Obama. d=

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