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Apr 12

Actually, I quite like Mondays

It’s true. I am no Garfield. The internet really slows on the weekends and I totally forget about the concept of “business hours” so I am more than happy to see everyone and everything come back to life on Monday morning. Prompt e-mails make me happy. Website updates always bring a smile to my face. New activity in my e-mails and on the forums I visit gives me something to think about, to talk about and generally keep me busy. And mail is no longer stuck in the land of the lost known as Sunday. So I’ll keep Mondays to myself if you don’t mind.

One comment on “Actually, I quite like Mondays”

  1. I like Mondays too. They make me feel productive because they’re one of my most deadline-heavy days at work. It feels good to go home at the end of the day knowing I’ve checked off a bunch of tasks on the must-do list. :)

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