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May 31

Accepted.. Conditionally?

I got an acceptance letter, of sorts, from MATC today. It seems I am accepted for the funeral service program (although I don’t know how much I really want to do that so yea..) but with conditions. What the conditions are, I do not know. The letter assures me that many conditionally accepted students progress normally through out there program and I shouldn’t worry. Wait, what?! That means that some students don’t? Because that worries me. I wasn’t worried before but now I am.

I also worry about working with program and financial counselors. The FAFSA thinks we can contribute $7,000 which is much more than the courses will cost (thus no financial aid). I think not. So how many classes I take will really depend on the cost. And, of course, I still have to take the classes online and cannot possibly meet with a counselor face to face. I’m just super anxious that the school won’t work with me on these things and I should have just continued taking individual classes online like I have been doing, especially because one of the more important reasons I applied for the program at this time was to get financial aid. Bleh.

The future, it worries me.

5 comments on “Accepted.. Conditionally?”

  1. You know I really hate how FAFSA works. I don’t know how they get their ideas, but it seems to me that a lot of times they are completely off.

  2. I HATE the FAFSA. I seriously think they just pull numbers out of their asses. The amounts they expect people to pay are just nuts! Good luck either way.

  3. @Angela: LOL. Thanks!

  4. Good luck with financial aid. That seems to be such a huge hurdle for so many people. :(

  5. I have to also express my distaste for the FAFSA. It is completely ridiculous and nonsensical sometimes. I hope everything works out for you. The future is very scary but it always works out in the end.

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