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Aug 16

About time, don’t cha think?

hearing: Garbage “Queer”
feeling: sore
wanting: Rian!

I did something today which I don’t normally do anymore: burn a CD. I really like it. Burning CD’s it sometimes such a chore because I have to find the perfect mix of songs and then the perfect order of them, but this one turned out well.

01. Garbage – “Queer”
02. Kill Hannah – “Kennedy”
03. The Azoic – “Progression (The Strand Remix)”
04. Emiliana Torrini – “Easy”
05. Bonnie McKee – “Trouble”
06. Madonna – “Justify My Love”
07. i:scintilla – “scin”
08. New Order – “Crystal”
09. Genitorturers – “Asphyxiate”
010. Lenny Kravitz – “Lady”
011. Madonna – “Erotic (Sex Mix)”
012. Garbage – “#1 Crush”

I’m fresh out of the shower and it feels good to be clean. On my days off, I tend to be lazy and not shower as much as I’d like. I’m wearing my new bra with all its push up goodness and my boobs look huge. -l*

Haven’t been up to all that much. Sunday night, I called up Ashley and she took me grocery shopping because we had absolutely no food. Spent more money than planned but we have food and I’ve a few new things as well.

She spent the night and we played this game that I bought (Name That Tune, 80’s Edition), played some video games, watched movies and just hung out. It was very nice. I miss her. Now that she has a job she’ll have money to do stuff (and hopefully pay me back). It’ll be nice to get out of this house more.

Yesterday morning, we watched Kung Fu Master with Wendy. That has got to be the absolutely weirdest movie I have ever seen. I know it’s quite tongue in cheek and comedic, but still, it’s very strange.

Every time I look in the mirror, I want to get a haircut but I’m not sure what I want to do. I guess it’s not the cut itself about which I’m undecided but, rather, the colour. Don’t know whether I want to get regular highlights, darken my hair and then get highlights, darken the hair and then do Rogue-ish highlights in front, or do something completely different.

I think I’ll head to the mall as soon as I’m done with this and invest in some bourbon chicken (yummy) and check out a ring at Zale’s.

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