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Sep 13

A World Without Music

This past week I developed a bit of an ‘owwie’ in my ear – a horribly placed surface irritation which became infected, consequently causing me to have headaches, face pain and trouble chewing – when it was at its worst. So, as you might expect, I haven’t been listening to my CD or MP3 player, both of which I use with earbuds which go inside the ear. Instead, I’ve been reading a book (Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman,FYI) when I would normally be listening to music: on the bus, in waiting rooms et cetera.

It’s different not having music in my head all the time. I miss it, surely, but there’s also a sense of freedom and reattachment to the world. I guess it’s just easy to wall yourself off without even realizing it, to separate yourself from the surrounding environment and be so lost without your head – or music – that you don’t really realize what’s going on around you. Of course, one can easily do this with reading, too, but I think it’s not as easy to be fully enveloped.

Just my two cents of the day.

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