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Sep 25

A Survey Thinger

I found this on a forum and the object was to just select “Yes” or “No” to ” Those which you support. However, most of these are subjects on which I have a strong opinion so I thought I’d post it here and go a little more in depth.

Racism pisses me off. I grew up listening to my mother’s ex use the word “chink” all the time and, to me, that was normal. Hell, he probably didn’t even realize what a racist pig he was being; it’s so ingrained in some people that they don’t realize it. There was no specific event that caused me to disregard the racism I’d learned as a child but, nowadays, I absolutely hate racism, racial slurs, and the stereotypes which follow and try my damnedest not to say/do anything racist, though sometimes I laugh at a racist joke.

Teen pregnancy both angers and stupifies me. If you want to have sex then, by all means, go ahead but be smart and have safer sex and make an effort to prevent pregnancy and STI’s. “It takes less time to change a condom than to change a diaper.” Chances are, teenaged parents aren’t very equipped to rear children and if you decide to keep the child, you may be doing it more harm than good. Of course, you life will be difficult and complicated with a child, so think before you act. If a condom kills the mood, you don’t need it that badly anyway.

I don’t really care either way with religion. I’m not religious myself and I don’t care if you aren’t or what you believe if you are. I prefer that you don’t shove it down my throat and I will point out the ridiculousness of your beliefs if provoked

Under-age drinking is an activity in which I’ve participated although I don’t find it all that enjoyable and do it infrequently. If you’re going to do it, be smart about it and don’t drive or get caught. As a side thought, boasting about it won’t make you seem cool so shut up.

Go ahead and engage in pre-marital sex. If you’re ready, then have sex and enjoy it. I did. -laughs*

Although I grew up around smokers I find smoking to be disgusting and rude. It smells which means both the atmosphere and the smoker smell like cigarettes and this often auses difficulty breathing for some. It makes my eyes hurt and I’m not too font of any of the health risks of second hand smoke inhalation. But it hurts the smoker the worst by yellowing teeth, causing cancer, burning money, causing addiction, etc. If you’re stressed, get a cat instead of lighting up.

drugs can and will fuck you up. You have no control, even if you think you do. Afraid of quitting? Don’t start in the first place. Additionally, that’s an expensive “hobbie.”

killing animals for fur is probably wrong and fake fur looks the same anyway, but I understand the appeal and think everyone needs to get off J Lo’s ass. XD

It’s a sad world when teenagers suffer from eating disorders. No one should have to go through that or have such a lack of confidence but I understand how harsh peers can be. Looks mean far too much in our society there’s too much focus on thin/skinny rather than healthy. Additionally, I cannot fathom what it would be like to have to “come out” to your close friends and family or go through rehabilitation. Worse yet, is the fact that there are those who are fucked up enough to lie about having an eating disorder for attention.

It’s your face, it’s your money and it’s your responsibility if it looks like this so if you want plastic surgery then go ahead and have it done. I personally wouldn’t because it’s only support the shallow ideals of society and no one is perfect anyway.

Sure, deer are cute but I understand how hunting helps control animal population and the ecosystem. I’m also aware that there are limits so animals won’t become endangered (or anything near it).

While we all need more fruits and veggies in our diets, I don’t know if I understand vegetarians. People have been eating meat for thousands of years and it’s tasty and while sometimes animals are treated with cruelty, there’s probably better ways to help than by boycotting animal products.

Lots of people face discrimination and it’s usually because of ignorance. It’s uncomfortable and we’ve all had to deal with it, but I’m not necessarily the best person and I can be pretty discriminatory, though sometimes you have to be. It’s easy to label and assume, and that’s just the human way to do things, even if it’s wrong.

public displays of affection (PDA’s) don’t necessarily bother me unless some couple has their hands all over eachother and tongues down eachother’s throats at a fancy restaurant. Really, if you’re in love it’s better you show it than not; just don’t go overboard.

I’m going to assume that the author of this survey meant “Wicca” when he/she typed witchcraft. You could possible group this with “Religion” then but do what you want because I don’t care.

homosexuality is very controversial. I think people should be free to love whomever, especially since it’s not a choice. Gay marriage (or some sortof civil union) is their right and they take a lot of crap. I would have thought that our society is better than that.

I think that adoption can save a life, literally. Adopted children often grow up in a loving and kind home, an option they might not have had if their parents had not made a grave sacrifice by putting them up for adoption. I’ve always looked favourably upon adoption and it’s a good options for those unable to have children or who want to add to their families.

While I don’t believe that “God” created everythine, I’m not sure how I feel about evolution.

Abortion is a subject on which I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I feel like saying “Keep your legs closed or use protection; abortion should not be used as a form of birth control!” but on the other hand I understand that it’s a woman’s body and sometimes it might be better for the child. I am, however, against later term abortions where the fetus is well developed. If you must do it, do it early on and once it’s done, get over it.

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