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Dec 31

A Music Meme, If It’s All the Same

Elyse, that gosh darned devil, tagged me. So here you have it:

1) List five of your favorite bands/artists.
2) Choose three songs from each band/artist.
3) If you can find a link to listen to the song at or YouTube, post it!
4) Tag five people.

Pat Benatar (an oldie but goodie)

  1. Heartbreaker – Youtube
  2. Promises In the Dark – Youtube
  3. We Belong – Youtube
  4. Love is a Battlefield – Youtube
  5. The Outlaw Blues – Youtube

Elvis (I know, right?)

  1. Suspicious Minds – Youtube
  2. Kentucky Rain – Youtube
  3. A fool Such as I – Youtube
  4. His Latest Flame – Youtube
  5. Return to Sender – Youtube

A Perfect Circle

  1. Judith – Youtube
  2. 3 Libras – Youtube
  3. Weak and Powerless – Youtube
  4. The Noose – Youtube
  5. Sleeping Beauty – Youtube


  1. Unforgiven II – Youtube
  2. Nothing Else Matters – Youtube
  3. Bleeding Me – Youtube
  4. Welcome Home – Youtube
  5. Master of Puppets – Youtube

Matchbox 20

  1. Push – Youtube
  2. Busted – Youtube
  3. Bright Lights- Youtube
  4. Downfall – Youtube
  5. You Won’t Be Mine – Youtube

I tag, Manda, Fruity, Terri, Karen, Damita, Shannon

One comment on “A Music Meme, If It’s All the Same”

  1. Oh, cool.

    A meme worth doing. I shall put it on my list of “memes to-do-list for 2009”.

    Thank you, Cole. And I hope you have a Happy New Year. On a different note, sorry I haven’t been dropping by. (I mostly went offline in 2008 for personal reason… Was focusing on studying French.)

    Later days,
    Massa P

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