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Nov 01

A Day at the Park

I love Halloween. It speaks to the kid in me, I guess and I love the dark overtones. I love doing things and being with people but since there aren’t so many people I know here, I was a little down in the dumps yesterday morning. I had suggested we go to Six Flags which is right in San Antonio because Ryan had been wanting to go since before we moved here. But we were both kind of mopey and it took a while before we decided to go but we went and we did stuff.

We went on a few rides, including one that seemed to break while we were on it, a few that messed with out centers of gravity and even a Scooby Doo ghost blastin’ ride. The lines kind of sucked but I don’t think it was quite as full as I expected it to be.

It also wasn’t quite as festive as I would’ve liked. Places were decorated, there were haunted mansions and tombstones set up and we even caught some zombie dancing in the street (to “Thriller”, of course) but it wasn’t entirely spooky.

There were a handful of visitors who dressed up, mostly the kids and that was cute. There were more Batgirls than I could count and I even saw some Marios and a Luigi.. but I also saw a lot of people whose costumes barely counted as decent to be seen in public which makes me a bit sad. I mean, I’m all for a sexy costume but it can completely be done without looking like a hooker, you know? Especially when I’m looking at young girls and teenagers with their parents and I am flabbergasted that mom and dad thinks that is okay even if it’s a costume. I mean, Halloween doesn’t have to be “Dress Like a Slut day” or, at the very least, save it for when the sun goes down.

Ryan wanted to see more superhero/Batman stuff and I wanted to see more characters (there were none actually wandering the park) but he got a Justice League magnet and won me a stuffed Scooby. We bought an uber soft Scooby pillow, too, and there’s a caramel apple waiting for me today.

It definitely was smaller than I expected and a group would’ve been cool, too. But, overall, we had fun.

One comment on “A Day at the Park”

  1. We went there on a trip in high school. We went on the log ride about 2000000 times. The only other ride I remember is the Scooby one. You would think it would be more fun around Halloween though.

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