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Sep 13

A bunch of things I don’t understand

  • Why I can never get to sleep
  • Cupcakes without frosting
  • The phrase “Have your cake and eat it, too”
  • When normies use the word “adorkable”
  • Sexless marriages
  • People who cheat as a way of dealing with said sexless marriage
  • When people say “I’m on my way”, and they’re actually not
  • Why everyone in this building slams the door and runs up the stairs. Repeatedly. All night long.
  • Why the only link Google is showing me about the iPhone 5 is for Samsung (Actually: LOL)
  • Why Goliath always feels the need to walk right over my keyboard.
  • Why does Apple even bother announcing things like the iPhone 5 when the company can’t manage to keep anything a secret, anyway?
  • Morons.

Edited to add:

  • People who don’t know how to use their voicemail. I’d hate to be you when you miss the call from the cops that your spouse/mother/child is in the hospital. =/
  • TVs are 29 inches. So unnecessary. Cool but not necessary.

2 comments on “A bunch of things I don’t understand”

  1. Dez

    This entry has provided lawls. LAWLS!

    Are you not supposed to eat cake?
    Cupcakes without frosting = muffin
    I don’t get the cheating thing either. It’s lame.
    Why bother with the iPhone5? iPhone5s will be out within six months after everyone gets the iPhone. Stupid technology.

    I kinda want a smart phone of some kind. :( I get jealous of everyone talking about apps.

  2. @Dez:

    NO! It is not a muffin. A muffin had a different texture than a cupcake and is meant to be eaten without frosting. I LOVE muffins. I HATE cupcakes without frosting.

    And apple only releases the iPhone every September so you’re wrong. ;)

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