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Apr 19

I can’t whistle while I work

so i worked today..

in fact i’m scheduled from wednesday to next wednesday, and holidays are busy.
coke 24 packs are on sale – but we dont carry them so we have to sub 2 12 packs..
same work i guess – but two trips..

not to mention this weekend my wrist decided to act up so ive been favoring it, and now my other wrist hurts..

i work tomorrow 10-2 and i only have 16 hours this week. she gave me off the day for prom – i didnt request off im not going. travis has to open so i offered to work his shift. hum, he told me some stuff dixon said about me which contradicts what tim said – and it makes me feel like shit.
apparently he had nominated me for associate of the week. oh well.

i’m in the process of transferring some files from the old comp..

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