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Mar 24

Crappy computer

my computer is seriously fucked. -sl-

last night it froze and i had to shut it down manually. then it told me that the date thing was missing. so i got pissed and shut it down again. when it restarted it reset back to 1990. woops. so i fixed the date and time,. and all the programs/files are okay.
it freezes a lot though. its crazy. it freezes just turning it on.

anyway i was trying to print this paper for yasha class that i finally finished. it printed off the cover page and then stopped telling me the printer was not connected. wtf. I’ve been trying to get this done for a freaking month and a half and now it shits out on me.

so i cant print it, and when i tried to reinstall the printer the disk froze.

i cant even get the stupid shit to restart correctly.
if you’re wondering, I’m not at home.

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