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Mar 17

the ABCs of Josh

a is for the asshole be became
b is for the bitch he made me into
c is for the crap he put me through
d is for the dick he doesn’t have.
e is for the envy i had of others
f is for the fuck he never got
g is for the guys i thought i knew.
h is for the hurt i couldn’t escape.
i is for ignorant.. he overused his share
j is for jackass. ’nuff said.
k is for kiss.. the ones we never shared.
l is for lies, the only thing he knew.
m is for the mercy i never should have given.
n is for the nothing. the void he left inside.
o is for overdose.. what he did that scared me half to death.
p is for prick, he was one of the best.
q is for quit, the thing i should’ve done.
r is for the restless nights, all the times i cried.
s is for the shit i can’t believe i ever believed.
t is for tough love. his was something else.
t is also for the trust he quickly lost.
u is for unlucky. what else could i have been?
u is also for the used feeling i was left with.
v is for the vulnerable state he left me in.
w is for the whore i felt like.
x is for the exit which i could never find.
y is for the youth i quickly lost.
z is for the sleep i didn’t get.

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