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Mar 11

Retail Therapy

so i didnt go to school today. i just didnt want to. last night i felt i was close to a breakdown, and today im just freaking out. i’m bitching hysterically and ive got all this agressive energry. what’s wrong with me?

so i talked to ginger, and we went down to the mall. i like talking to her sometimes. even though she pointed out how much i was bitching. yes i know that. i am freaking out, what part of that didnt she understand?

but yea. i did go to hot topic. i only spent $20. i bought this cute tank/panty set and the gothic beauty magazine.

i spent $50 at fye.. they had the 1st Cold cd, yay yay yay! i also bought the Evanescence cd, and Anti-flag.

i bought some make up at walgreen’s. $7 ish
i bought pants at jc penney. $31 ish
i bought a stitch toy at the car shop $11 ish
i bought some lotion from bath and body $10 ish

i had 500 to begin with.. i guess i didnt spend as much as i thought it would.

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