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Mar 04

Growing Up

I am not exactly a child of the 80’s, but i grew up on cheesie 80’s cartoons. Eureeka’s Castle, Felix the Cat, Dudley the Dragon, Gummi Bears, Garflield and friends, and the good ol’ Bugs Bunny and Tweety show were on my television.

I lived in the middle of the country, which meant I could go outside and play whenever I wanted. The nearest neighbor was half a mile away, and of course we had a crush on their sons. Taking walks led you to someone’s sheep stream. And knowing that the sheep bathed in it didn’t deter you from swimming. Every tree made for a fort. Your backyward really existed. You could hike in peoples’ woods, and they didn’t mind.

Going to town was always exciting, because of the trip, not the town. You only had 3 channels, they all play M.A.S.H. When the lawn was cut you made grass forts. Everyone had their own swing set. No one needed a park. In the winter time you played outside until you couldn’t feel your hands, and even then you had to be dragged inside by your mom. You fought with icicles, and made snow forts. You understood the pain when the bully ruined your snow fort. You had secret code names like the ‘Ice Queen.’

Snow pants and boots were cool. When you went to school you had to change before the first bell. The older kids helped the younger kids with their winter clothes.

Everyone knew their neighbor. You could always get a ride to church, or use the phone. Everyone went to the same church. Your best friends were the pastor’s daughters.

If you weren’t doing well that winter, a neighbor would drop Christmas presents off. There was always someone to plow out your driveway with his self attached truck and plow. Frost on the windows was beautiful, and snow days were holy.

There was only one class of each grade in the school. There were always the same teachers. The teachers knew all the parents by first and last names.

We all wanted to star in the choir concerts. We didn’t love anything more than singing Christmas carols and going to Girl Scouts. Selling cookies made every girl’s heart swell. No one was cheap with Halloween candy, most people gave out money too!

Someone always had some illegal fireworks. The neighbor’s wouldn’t call the police, they’d join us watching.

Grilling out was a way of life.
Everyone had a dog.
It wasn’t odd to chop firewood to heat the house.
All houses had 2 stories.
Stray cats always found their way into the house.
The berries at the side of the road were okay to eat, so were the apples.
When mom made cookies the world stopped.

And for all you children of the 80’s there’s a new poll!

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