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Feb 20

Hits, Bandwidth and other boring site related junk

i’m back.
okay this is weird. what’s with the sudden jump in my hits? i think someone is refresh happy. oh well, makes the site look good. d=
in case you werw wondering, the site wasn’t on hiatus, because i wasn’t doing anything to it. it was just brb’ed. my bandwidth was near the limit, so i shut down the site [at least to people who enter through the index page] in hope that it wouldn’t go over the limit. it worked. the new period has started so all is good.
to cope with bandwidth, well i dunno. we’ll see.
i deleted the rachael image that was taking up so much room because it was a fucking joke.
i also reduced the image sizes of the backgrounds. they should load a little faster too now.
i made a new layout, but i want this one up for a while first. wait about two weeks to see the new one.
p.s. more tutorials!
if you’re going to add your link on the add a link page, add it only once. no one’s going to click more than once.
i just cleaned it out, and some of the shit no one would EVER click on. if you own a company and need hits through my site, declare bankruptcy now!
also, if you have a link that deserves to be on there, sign the book. i want to know you were here. don’t abuse my site.
ill abuse you.

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