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Feb 06

Award Contest

I have lost the paper with the colour, fonts, etc for the awards..
Applications are piling up, and since I just don’t want to ‘wing it’ I thought perhaps I should make new ones.
But I really don’t want to. Actually, creatively I’m just a little worn out.
So I thought I’d make this into a contest, for anyone here that has any graphic edit talent.
I need two ‘blank’ awards made. Elegance and Stellar.
I am keeping Breathtaking because I know what I used for that.
They each need to say “is (award)” with a place for the site name.
I will need to know fonts/effects/colours/sizes to finish of the award uniformly.
And now, you want to know the prize – A permanent link – and something else special.
All awards should have either (c) Her Realm or on them. Both would be even better.
Submissions can be e-mailed to me!

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